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Sketching time – Florence, Oregon

sketch of boats in Florence, Oregon by Carolee Clark

© Carolee Clark, ink, 4″ x 4″

Sketch of Boats in Florence, Oregon

While I am out of town, I try and sketch a little. Here are a couple of the drawings I was able to get done today.  Might try and do a painting of the boats. It was so interesting seeing all of the fishing boats on the Siuslaw River as I came into town yesterday.  It was a downpour and they were all out there in their rain gear, so many boats it looked like a waterway traffic jam.  They are fishing mostly for salmon and some trout.

sketch of the bridge in Florence, Oregon by Carolee Clark

© Carolee Clark, ink, 5″ x 6″

This drawing was done from a coffee shop in the old section of town.


Sketch for its own sake

© Carolee Clark, "Sketch," 3" x 8.5", ink

I’ve take a few days off from painting but I’m still sketching.  It is a joy to sketch for its own sake.  So much of my drawing these days are plans for paintings so it is nice just to have fun with a scene that may never see paint! 

I’ll be back painting by Friday.

Daily Painting – Luggage & Roses

© Carolee Clark, "Luggage & Roses," 10.5" x 7", ink on wc paper

“Luggage & Roses”
by Carolee Clark
10.5″ x 7″ink on watercolor paper, unframed
($49 + $5 shipping and handling within US)

Ink Figure Drawing #030810

ink figure drawing

© Carolee Clark

“Ink Drawing #030810
by Carolee Clark
22″ x 14”

Ink Figure Drawing #030110

ink figure drawing

© Carolee Clark

“Ink Drawing #030110
by Carolee Clark
17″ x 11”

Ink Figure Drawing – Saw a little February Sun in Oregon

ink drawing of female model, clothed

© Carolee Clark

 “Ink Drawing #021510
by Carolee Clark
24″ x 12”

Okay, it was one of those rare sunny, warmish February days in Oregon and I played hookey and went outside.   I painted for much of the day, but didn’t finish my painting.  I thought you might enjoy the drawing I did two days ago of a wonderful model with whom I work  on an ongoing basis. 

As always, thank you for visiting!

Daily Painting – Catching Up

painting of two female friends

© Carolee Clark

“Catching Up”    sold
by Carolee Clark
10″ x 10″
acrylic on wrapped canvas

I thought you might be interested in the sketch for this painting (below).  It was about my third sketch before I finally got the figures in the composition that I liked.  I didn’t faithfully reproduce the image onto the canvas, deciding to simplify and change some things as the painting progressed.

sketch for painting "Friendship #2"

© Carolee Clark