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Process for starting a painting


First sketch of Candy Land

I have been asked to explain my thought process for “Candy Land”, so here it goes.  I always start by quickly sketching my subject, and usually in a “realistic”  manner.  It isn’t a good sketch or a large sketch, it just allows me to become familiar with it.  By sketching I become aware of what I like about the subject, what I want to say.  I loved the shapes of the house, the cylinders, the rectangles, triangles.  The main part of the house reminded me of a candle.

It is one of my goals in my art to be playful, or joyful.  Historically, I was never able to hold a job if I was not having fun, I never continued to do anything if it wasn’t enjoyable.  So with the first sketch down, and the ideas of candles, and playful shapes, I did a second sketch.

Second Candy Land Sketch

Second Candy Land Sketch

This second sketch I played with the shapes, just enjoying the drawing.  It is about 6″ x 4″.  I put in the people to give it scale, otherwise the shapes could have been toys (although I suppose because I tend to distort my people, they could be toys too).
Once I finished the sketch, I started painting.  I had just finished a very warm painting (“Decisions, Decisions”) so I decided to make this one predominately cool.  Some things worked out well pretty quickly and some things I had to change throughout the painting process.  I continued working on the areas until I was happy with the colors, the value and the shapes.  All in all, it was a very “fun” process.
Hope this answers your question Susan!