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This is different than signing up to get my blog posts.  I used to send these out four times a year.  I’m probably not going to send out that many any more.

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Past newsletters have included the following topics:

– Do Artists Retire? (May 2015)
– Showing the Ugly Stages (March 2015)
Success in the Art World (December 2014)
Organizing a Studio Tour (Oct 2014)
The Morgue File – fabulous Photo Reference (July 2014)
Using Google Street View for Painting Reference Material  (Apr 2014)
What’s in a Name?  Try naming over 1,000 paintings! (Feb 2014)
My “Aha” Moment – Talking about my work (Dec 2013)
– Baring it All – Xanadu Mentorship Program (Oct 2013)
What is stopping you from being creative? (July 2013)
– Let’s Vote – a matter of jurying shows (Apr 2013)
The Question that Artists love to Hate (Jan 2013)
– Art Collaboration (Oct 2012)
The Stress of Painting “A Painting a Day” (July 2012)
– Drawing for Pleasure vs. Drawing for Work (Apr 2012)
– Easily developing style (Jan 2012)
– Artists’ fear about producing good work
– What do you do with paintings that don’t sell?


2 responses to “Newsletters

  1. Rebecca Brennan

    I love your work! :0 )

  2. I love your creativity.

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