Contemporary figure painting of woman on bicycle with a dog “Drafting”

contemporary figure painting of a woman on a bicycle with a dog

© Carolee Clark, “Drafting,” acrylic, 10″ x 10″

“Drafting”  sold_dot  sold
by Carolee Clark
10″ x 10″ x 3/4″
acrylic on wrapped canvas

Drafting is a technique that cyclists use to lessen the effects of the wind.  If one rides directly behind or behind and slightly to the side, one can save a lot of energy.  I figure that this dog is doing it instinctively.

6 responses to “Contemporary figure painting of woman on bicycle with a dog “Drafting”

  1. Fantastic! Love the theme and the simplicity!

  2. Wanted to stop by and say how much I love your blog and your artwork….so inspiring!!

  3. Thanks so much Patrick! A title didn’t come to me at first but when I came downstairs the next day this one popped into my head and seemed to fit. I’m glad it rings well with you. Thanks too for all the likes on FB, support and good wishes! It is all appreciated!

  4. Patrick Bassaloff

    LOVE IT! AND THE TITLE! (DETAILED YET NOT, overly DETAILED) very much a Carolee Clark signature painting! I still plan on purchasing a piece, just waiting for the right one to come along ( and the wife and I agree on it! LOL) Hope you have a great weekend.

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