I forgot to show you this first step in my painting!

first step in my painting of Birch Banter

© Carolee Clark, “Birch Banter, Step 1”

In my excitement to show you the finished product, I forgot that I was going to post the first phase of the painting.  Starting with black gesso, I get the image onto the canvas.

Next I cover the rest of the white canvas with transparent paint, mixed and unmixed with other transparent colors. I don’t coat any particular color over the entire surface. At this stage it looks gaudy, bright and ugly. Much of this will be covered up but I do leave hints of it here and there.

Finally, I come in with opaque colors, covering up much of what was initially there.  And here is the final piece (which was posted a few days ago).

contemporary painting of birch trees by Carolee Clark

© Carolee Clark, “Birch Banter,” acrylic, 36″ x 36″ x 1.5″


5 responses to “I forgot to show you this first step in my painting!

  1. Susan Pickens

    Most important step-it’s all about the heavy lifter “Value”

  2. Fascinating…it gives a new dimension to understand more fully how something is done. I love your work, it sings with colour and life.

  3. Thanks, Carolee. I really enjoy seeing part of the process. This is a beautiful piece.

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