A Peak into a Collector’s Home

© Al & Linda Brown

© Al & Linda Brown

Al & Linda Brown sent me photos of their new painting, “Growing Close,” hanging in their incredible home. They have a wonderful, contemporary art collection which includes paintings, glass, wood and other really fun pieces and I am thrilled to have my work added to it.

I had the opportunity to go into the Brown’s home recently and it was such a treat!  I kept turning around and seeing something else to touch and exclaim over.  What fun to fill your home with things that make you feel joyful!


© Al & Linda Brown


7 responses to “A Peak into a Collector’s Home

  1. Valerie McMullen

    It looks lovely in that space! Congrats on the sale!

  2. I’m glad everyone is enjoying seeing the work in place. I will try and show this a little more if possible. Thanks everyone for your comments!!

  3. Wow. Beautiful! Your painting looks perfect there.

  4. Cherilyn SunRidge

    Carolee, Such a lovely piece to augment their collection. It looks beautiful and placed so well!!! Congratulations, Cherilyn

  5. it does fit perfectly in there home…congratulations on the sale!!

  6. Your art fits in so beautifully in their home. Congratulations to you and the Browns.

  7. Great idea. I have just one of your paintings, but the idea of a large subject in the home really shows the work and the idea of home decor. I would like to see more of your large pieces in situ. This is enjoying life with your favorite paintings. Richard Dorsey

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