Daily Painting, “Confidently Colorful,” expressionistic dog painting

contemporary painting of a dog by Carolee Clark

© Carolee Clark, “Confidently Colorful,” 10″ x 10″, acrylic

“Confidently Colorful”    sold
by Carolee Clark
10″ x 10″
acrylic on wrapped canvas

I stopped a woman walking a dog in front of my house the other day to ask if I could take some photos of her dog.  Out of about 20 photos only one or two turned out … and then they were iffy.  I forgot to ask what kind of dog it was, but if you forced an uneducated guess out of me, perhaps it was an Alaskan Malamute.


4 responses to “Daily Painting, “Confidently Colorful,” expressionistic dog painting

  1. Beautiful! And I recognize Ani The Malamute and her happy face! You captured her spirit.

  2. Nice work Carolee. i like the intricacy that does not come at the cost of confidence. beautiful and many wishes !

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