Daily Painting, “Music in the Street,” contemporary painting of a street musician

contemporary figure painting by Carolee Clark

© Carolee Clark, "Music in the Street," 10" x 10", acrylic

“Music in the Street”    sold
by Carolee Clark
10″ x 10″
acrylic on wrapped canvas

I have often wondered whether I could put down a hat, with a dollar bill in it while I paint in “plein aire” (on location) but I’ve never done it (I’m almost cocky enough!).  I know a fellow who wears a big “go away” t-shirt emblazoned on his back (he claims that it doesn’t always work) … he can be very grumpy so I’m sure they don’t stick around long.

When I paint or draw outside in any populated place, I generally have interested people peer over my shoulder.  Children are the most likely to approach me and I find the adults much more shy.  Sometimes they ask if it is okay, sometimes they try to surreptitiously glance at my work.  It’s always okay with me.  However, often in the middle of the painting there is a very ugly stage that embarrasses me!

Susanna Gordon allowed me to use one of her amazing photographs for reference for this painting.  I am so very grateful for her generosity.  Please check out her extraordinary blog, Susanna’s Sketchbook (click here).


5 responses to “Daily Painting, “Music in the Street,” contemporary painting of a street musician

  1. oh, I know exactly what you mean, especially when you are painting and in that “mindset”, to be taken “back to reality” isn’t always easy, I only work in my home, so I don’t have to worry about it. Maybe a post card or brochure with a “take one” sign? 🙂

  2. Hi Carolee, another great looking painting you have there! I wondered if you painted from live models or if you used photos. I see you do both. 🙂

    If I might make a suggestion about on-lookers when you are painting “plein aire”… keep a stack of business cards in your pocket, it would be a great idea to have your favorite painting depicted on your card. Then you can explain that “paintings sometimes go through an ugly stage, but this is what my favorite work looks like”, and point out your web address and suggest that they look at more of your paintings on-line. You never know… someone might be a potential customer, and you might miss out on a great opportunity. As far as the “grumpy guy” goes… people buy art for a variety of reasons, but I guarantee you this, I wouldn’t buy from someone who was rude or totally unapproachable. 🙂

    • Thanks Deb. I do keep business cards on me at all times but sometimes I just can’t get things together smoothly. Ya know how it is … a bit of an introvert, bit nerd, bit audibly challenged 😉

  3. Wow, Carolee, wow! This painting looks terrific! In fact, I like it better than the original photograph. I can’t believe that you created this piece in such a short time, too. Good work!

    PS: Thank you for the kind comments about my blog and photos. I appreciate it. 🙂

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