Daily Painting, “Eligible Maiden,” contemporary figure painting

contemporary figure painting by Carolee Clark

© Carolee Clark, "Eligible Maiden," 10" x 10", acrylic

“Eligible Maiden”    sold
by Carolee Clark
10″ x 10″
acrylic on wrapped canvas

I’ve named this painting from “Cinderella,” when the stepsisters were mocking her for wanting to go to the ball and Cinderella says, “Well, why not? After all I’m still a member of the family, and it’s said, by royal command, every eligible maiden is to attend.”

For the clothing inspiration I used a photograph of Kate Nowland’s.
Click here (EvieGreenPixie clothing) to see her clothing.

The painting was done for a Daily Paintworks Challenge,  where Layne Cook supplied a photograph from which we could paint.  If you check out the photograph you’ll see in the lower left a woman with a rolling suitcase and a man in a suit.  I used them for reference, as well as certain parts of the structure.


4 responses to “Daily Painting, “Eligible Maiden,” contemporary figure painting

  1. Great job on the challenge Carolee, your painting turned out great!

  2. Lol…I had already commented that this had a “Cinderella” feel before I came over and checked this out!
    Very nice, Carolee.

  3. Hi Carolee,

    Your name came up yesterday at the WSO conference. I was wondering what you are up to, and now I see. It looks like great fun!


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