Painting “Riverside Drive” contemporary landscape

contemporary landscape painting by Carolee Clark

© Carolee Clark, "Riverside Drive," 18" x 24", acrylic

“Riverside Drive”
by Carolee Clark
18″ x 24″


Boy did I mess up this one. I feel sick about it ….

I was busy working on this painting and have been for some time.  It was started about 5 years ago on site on Riverside Drive in Albany, OR.  I continued working on it yesterday and ran out of “Sap Green” so grabbed my large new tube.  I squeezed a good size dollop on my palete and tried mixing it.  It was awful!  It was sticky and didn’t mix well.  I knew that I wouldn’t buy that brand again … I didn’t even like the color as much as my old jar, plus it smelled really funny.   I pushed through … I can make it work!

This morning when I went back to continue working on the painting, I noticed that that pile of paint was still wet!!  Acrylic doesn’t stay wet over night. 

Oh no … it was oil paint!! 

You can paint oil over acrylic but not the other way around.  You can’t mix them in the same layer.  Acrylic paint is plastic based and dries right away.  Oil can take a very, very, very long time to dry properly.  With the different drying times, the paint will crack.

This means that even if I wasn’t finished with the painting (and I wasn’t) … I am now.  I will throw this ruined canvas out.  At least I got to share this story with you!


2 responses to “Painting “Riverside Drive” contemporary landscape

  1. Maybe to your trained and critical eye, this appears ruined. Any time you spend working on a piece celebrating the wonderful world we are privileged to live in, can never be ruined. Our entire world is composed of people whose backgrounds and bases aren’t the same. I would hang it on a wall somewhere to celebrate all our differences.

    Peace and happiness to you!

    • Thanks Trisha. You are correct … my time spent painting this wasn’t wasted … I learned a lot … especially considering I painted it over 5 years! Thank you for your comment!

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