Daily Painting, “Abe after Picasso,” abstract portrait

abstracted portrait by Carolee Clark

© Carolee Clark, "Abe after Picasso," 10" x 10", acrylic

“Abe after Picasso”    sold
by Carolee Clark
10″ x 10″
acrylic on wrapped canvas

I thought I’d go through my process for this painting since it wouldn’t be evident how I got from the photo of Abraham Lincoln to this strange, but hopefully interesting portrait.  

I started with the photo from the DPW challenge.  I often start with a more realistic sketch just to familiarize myself with the subject.   These are all very quick drawings.   Then I push myself to make it more interesting (to myself mind you!).  I keep playing until I have something that I am excited about painting.  Sometimes this takes one sketch sometimes it takes multiples.  Since I’m not interested in doing realistic portraiture, I really wanted to push myself and have some fun.  If we artists can’t push ourselves to be creative and fun, who can?

The images below will allow you to see the sequence of sketches from photo to the last sketch.  You will also notice that my final sketch is just an idea as to the final painting.  Especially with this type of abstraction I wasn’t worried about transferring my final sketch exactly.  I just wanted to get the feeling of it down.  I also always allow myself leeway to change the painting as I go along. 

Once I get the final sketch and take that to the canvas I rarely look at any of the previous sketches letting the painting dictate. 

I think that you can see that I really had fun painting beyond the lines 🙂


first sketch of abe by Carolee Clark

First Sketch

second sketch of abe by Carolee Clark

Second sketch

third sketch of abe by Carolee Clark

Third Sketch

7 responses to “Daily Painting, “Abe after Picasso,” abstract portrait

  1. Great progression! Thanks for sharing, Carolee….I love all your abstract work and am always curious to learn how another artist ‘sees’. What a great final painting!!

  2. I think Picasso would approve, and I love the colors.

  3. It is fun…..it made me smile!

  4. Wonderful!!

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