Listen to the Inner Voice

My friend and I were painting today.  I was boring her with my tirade  that we need to follow our own heart, not listen to the critiques of others if they don’t resonate with our own voice, forget about what sold yesterday, last week or last year, but paint what we really want to paint right now.

I do change direction when the muse nudges me, but each step prior to the ones that I am taking now have validity in my direction.  I can only paint who I am, if I am honest and following my inner urgings.  If I want to master my art, I must follow this … not my critiques or my patrons.  To truly find my own voice, I must only follow the little voice inside that says “I like that” when I paint something that is truly me.  This is the only authentic thing we can do, not follow the voices of our teachers, our family, or our patrons, but to become a master, to paint something that only we alone can paint, we need to listen to this inner voice … if we can hear it.


5 responses to “Listen to the Inner Voice

  1. Abstract Art with some portrayal, I like it, great colors.

  2. Very well said, Carolee. How right you are.

    Love this abstract piece BTW!

  3. Carolee.
    What a great post. You have to paint with your heart and it’s clear by your work that you do.

    Yesterday we had some friends over, one of whom is a painter and he immediately noticed your painting hanging over my computer station. Great abstract work is what he said.
    I love what you do!

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