Daily Painting – “Granville Island” – contemporary, abstract cityscape

abstracted contemporary painting of Granville Island, Vancouver

© Carolee Clark

“Granville Island”   sold
by Carolee Clark
9″ x 12″
acrylic on wrapped canvas


5 responses to “Daily Painting – “Granville Island” – contemporary, abstract cityscape

  1. LOVE this painting… It look so much like the real thing, every time I pass by the Netloft I think about this picture. LOVE the colors too!!!!!

  2. I have my painting hanging above my computer station and I love looking at it.
    Your geometric color patterns are so exciting!

  3. Carolee, I always enjoy your paintings on the DPIAG blog, and your challenge painting was terrific. Congrats, I have just given you the Sunshine Award! Details are on my blog.

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