Daily Painting – Target

ink painting of female figure

© Carolee Clark

“Target”    sold
by Carolee Clark
10.5″ x 7″ ink on watercolor paper, unframed

Many of you know that I gave myself the challenge to paint a painting a day for a year.  I have been doing this for about nine months now.  I knew that it wouldn’t be feasible to do one every single day so I thought that 5 or 6 a week would probably do.  Yesterday I realized that I had painted one for 26 days straight and I was tired!

Hence my little ink paintings.  They are my breath, a tiny respite.  I find them totally calming  and thoroughly enjoyable.  They take me less time than my acrylic paintings so I have a little more time to post, answer email, enter shows and work on larger pieces!

You might see a few of these in the next couple of days so that yes, I can catch my breath. 


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  1. nice tips thanks

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