Brothel’s Staircase

© Carolee Clark

© Carolee Clark

 “Brothel’s Staircase”
by Carolee Clark
28″ x 22″
acrylic on wrapped canvas

My abstract paintings always start with something that I see.  This was the back of a building in Albany, Oregon.  While I was painting I had a lot of strange looks by passers-by trying to figure out where I was getting my imagery.  I pointed out where I got each shape or detail and they understood!  Even though I was painting plein air (for the first part, finished in the studio), the viewer understood at what I was looking.  It was fun to explain my strange way of seeing.  A fellow painter said that my painting could have been done anywhere, but I beg to differ.  I was taking actual shapes and designs from what I saw.  I wish that I could conjure up such interesting imagery from my mind, but I really appreciate the view!

This building, as I was told by the owner of the building next door, was a brothel up until WWII. 


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