“Tendrils” watercolor figure painting

Tendrils © Carolee Clark

Tendrils © Carolee Clark


by Carolee Clarkwatercolor (unframed)14.5 x 16″

23 responses to ““Tendrils” watercolor figure painting

  1. Beautiful work, Carolee!

  2. Can’t believe I missed seeing this for so long! Beautiful work, Carolee. It has your signature design work and colors!

  3. Hi, everyone. This painting is even better in person than on-line! I’m the happy owner of this fun, colorful piece, and thrilled to have it in my collection! Thanks, Carolee!

  4. I love your painting. It is very very nice. I love all the colors. I miss you!

  5. Your artwork always leaves me in awe!

  6. Carolee your work is an explosion of beauty , creativity and design.
    Great candy eye for the senses.
    Just Beautiful

  7. I agree with everyone else, this is SUPER. Some of my favorite colors I’ve seen from you and of course I always love the patchwork thing. Wonderful!!

  8. Beautiful! Yet another wonderful piece, Carolee!

    ~ Dana Marie

  9. Carolee, there is something
    similar to some of your other works here, and I just can’t quite put my finger on it…ya right…Ha!! Your work is so distinctive and so you and so joyful. Beautiful.

  10. I always like your original approach to DSFDF Challenges. You certainly have your own style and this one is great!

  11. Your work is just totally awesome! Love it!

  12. I love your psycha-cubistic style on this. The repeating colors really tie it together. The swirlies are cool too.
    These challenges always take me a lot longer than I think they will, too, no matter how much I try to simplify.

  13. Very nice, indeed, Carolee. Makes me want to dig out my old Nehru jacket and beads.

  14. Love this Carolee. You’re painting are so colorful and fun. A candyland for the eyes.

  15. oh well this painting is just off the charts crazy good!

  16. Carolee love how unique and masterfully executed you did your piece!

  17. Wow, VERY beautiful, Carolee! Great design!

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