Candy Land

candy_land“Candy Land” © Carolee Clark
acrylic on canvas
28″ x 22″



21 responses to “Candy Land

  1. I just love your colorful work! Maybe you could do a post on your thought process, how you got into candyland…

  2. What a perfect title. Wonderful rendition for this challenge

  3. I love your colors and cheerful approach to the SF Victorian! Wow you must have a lot of fun in your creative world 🙂

  4. Wow, Carolee, this is just beautiful!

    I viewed this piece on Karin’s weekly challenge blog to find out you are a local artist! Well, you don’t get much more local, as I too live in Philomath. My husband, our son and I moved here just in Sept. from the coast.

    I’m glad I ran across you as your work is simply gorgeous!

    ~ Dana Marie

  5. Awesome work, very imaginative and delightful.

  6. Ooooo Carolee, another magical mystery tour of color and shape. I’ve been a fan of yours ever since your DSFDF portrait of Deano!

  7. That’s a classic!

    The colour harmony is so sweet you wanna yum………

  8. Carolee, when I first saw this, and it definitely grabbed my attention, and I thought, she did another watercolour piece collage. It definitely has the same feel as Dean’s portrait. Beautiful idea and execution.

  9. Wow, Carolee, this is beautiful! Wonderful colors and design.

  10. Wow! Your painting is wonderfully inventive. Marvelous colors.

  11. wow! What fun! I have enjoyed your work!

  12. Your interpretations leave me in awe – the way you paint is .. awesome!

  13. Hi Carolee,

    You are amazingly prolific and creative. I really enjoy the fantasy of the image. I hope everyone know you also have a painting on exhibit now at New Morning Bakery, in Corvallis on Second Street.

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