“Good Humor” Watercolor Collage

"Good Humor" © Carolee Clark

“Good Humor” © Carolee Clark

“Good Humor”
by Carolee Clark
watercolor collage
15″ x 11″
$400 (unframed) free shipping and handling within US

 This painting is a collage of watercolor pieces (from old watercolor paintings).  They are cut and pieced together to fit like a puzzle.  It has been two years since I did one of my collages, and every time I start one of them I get one quarter of the way through it and regret my decision.  I love how they turn out, but they are so time consuming and they end up killing my neck because I have to work on them flat.

If you click on the image you will go to a larger version, and even a detail of the painting.

18 responses to ““Good Humor” Watercolor Collage

  1. Carolee, wow you got everyone’s attention with this collage painting. Just stunning and inspiring! I”m going to try it!

  2. Wow! This is so charming, lively and engaging (great title, too). Very unique.

  3. This is so unique, I love how it turned out! And you captured his expression so well…very nice job!

  4. Absolutely WOW! and what a great subject to use this technique…it just fits perfectly!

    • Thank you so much. It really is an interesting way to “paint.” I actually do the watercolor underneath for a guide and then collage on top. It takes patience but I’ve always enjoyed puzzles.

  5. Wish I could see this in person it takes my breath away! No regrets on this piece I bet, it’s STUNNING!

  6. Amazing portrait. I love all your paintings. Your sense of color and space is a joy.

  7. Hey, Carolee….That’s me!! And I must say, I never looked so good! Your collage technique is amazing. The color choices are a delight!
    Sorry about the “pain in the neck”…That’s the effect I have on most folks.
    You pulled this portrait off beautifully…not an easy job, considering the photo you worked from.

  8. Wow, what a wonderful work of art! I love this portrait – so much to see in it – VERY well done!

  9. Carolee, when I first saw this portrait, I went wow. Then I came to your blog and blew it up and loved it even more. Then I put my glasses on and went holy cr_p, this is really amazing. So I guess you might say, that I kinda like it… ha! Well done, George is going to love it.

  10. This collage is wonderful and so fun. What a beautiful way to do a portrait.

  11. Nicely done picture. Very Original.

  12. Carolee…your portrait is innovative and fun…well done!

  13. Carolee, I second what Pam said, yours and Donna’s (now I can truly appreciate the genius of Caradon) are my choices for most innovative and exciting use of color. I wish I could adequately convey the degree of admiration I have for this watercolor collage. WOW, is all I can say. I am soooo excited you’re doing these challenges because you really do raise the bar and inspire me. Thank you! Camille

  14. Worth the pain Carolee! Good Humor indeed, made me smile, love it!

  15. Hi Carolee. I’ve been checking the dsfdf site every day hoping to see your work. I saw your face but was dying to see what you did with HIS face…and yes, WOW!

    I nominate both your and Donna Beverly’s paintings for the People’s Choice award list.

  16. Wow! I found this image on DSFDF and had to learn more about you. Then I’m floored again when I see the close-up after you described how this is a collage of water color paintings. I nominate your portrait for being most unique and colorful. Bravo!

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